He Wants to Know.

Editor The Record: I recently received a letter from a well wisher in Harrisburg, Penn. He asked me if there was another malt house in Lansingburg besides Tracy’s malt house on River Street, now First Avenue, between Jay Street, now 119th Street and Canal Street, now 120th Street. Also, if there was a malt house at the northwest corner of Canal Street, now 120th Street and River Street, now First Avenue. This malt house was also owned by the late Edward Tracy. Mr. Tracy owned malt houses in Port Schuyler, the lower part of West Troy, now Watervliet. The answer to that question is, there were malt houses at the head of Richard Street, now 117th Street and East Street, now Seventh Avenue, known as Van Buskirk’s malt houses. […]
Troy, July 27, 1938.
“Pulse of the People.” Times Record. July 29, 1938: 8.