—Lansingburgh is to have a branch of the Royal Arcanum if sufficient encouragement is given.
“Local News and Seasonable Jottings.” Lansingburgh Courier. November 2, 1889: 3 col 1.

—A Royal Arcanum council was organized in this village Wednesday evening and the following officers elected: Regent, A. F. Hall; Vice Regent, George E. Main; Orator, H. S. Dickson, Past Regent, Dr. H. P. Holmes; Secretary, Harry C. Longstaff; Collector, John Hanna; Treasurer, James M. Snyder; Chaplain, H. S. Jessen; Guide, C. E. Noyes; Warden, J. M. Smith; Sentinel, Frank Benjamin; trustee for three years, Charles H. Dauchy; for two years, John M. Chambers; for one year, J. K. P. Pine; representative to Grand Council, Dr. H. P. Holmes; Alternate, A> F. Hull.
“Local News and Seasonable Jottings.” Lansingburgh Courier. December 7, 1889: 3 col 3.

—The Royal Arcanum Lodge has about consummated arrangements for a long lease of the third floor of the People’s bank building. If the Lodge should secure the rooms they will fit them up in elegant style and will probably sub-let them to the Lime Kiln Serenaders for meetings and rehearsals. The Royal Arcanum has a membership of forty-two.
“Local News and Seasonable Jottings.” Lansingburgh Courier. May 22, 1890: 3 col 2.