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“The Brush Manufacture of Lansingburgh” (1866)

THE BRUSH MANUFACTURE OF LANSINGBURGH. Everybody knows that the two specialties of the ‘burgh are the brush and oil cloth manufactures, and that the brush business is the specialty par endurence. It was by an accidental circumstance that just fifty… Continue Reading →

Batestown Museum 1855

☞ A museum has been opened at Batestown. The collection consists of ‘a mammoth beet’ belonging to Francis of the Troy Times, and a ‘pair of buckskin suspenders’ worn by the man who built the overslaugh. Admission twenty-five cents. Children,… Continue Reading →

“Black ice cream is a new fad” (1890)

—Black ice cream is a new fad. It is colored by the addition of charcoal and the juice of Turkish prunes. Now is the golden opportunity for some one to have an ebony lunch and serve black coffee, black charcoal… Continue Reading →

Manumissions 1808-1812

Not many of the early village or town records of Lansingburgh survive. A book of Town of Lansingburgh records covering April 7, 1807 to April 7, 1812 does, however, and in it are a few mentions of early African-American residents… Continue Reading →

Names of Men Drafted in Lansingburgh, Battle of Olustee, and Thomas Benedict (1863)

THE DRAFT. — Names of Men Drafted in the County of Rensselaer. […] LANSINGBURGH—562 BALLOTS, 170 REQUIRED. John Daley, Patrick O’Brien, E. Vander Robbins, Wm. Cassidy, Andrew J. Mitchell, James H. Weaver, Jules Prescott, John Kennedy, Richard Barron, Frederick Barrett,… Continue Reading →

Charles A. Minnie (b. abt 1858) one of the first African-Americans at West Point

Charles A. Minnie, the colored youth appointed to a West Point cadetship from the fifth senatorial district, was born in Lansingburgh. “All Sorts.” Albany Morning Express. August 24, 1877: 1 col 3. CHARLES A. MINNIE is the next colored boy… Continue Reading →

“Old Dutch Customs at New Year” (1893)

A KISS AND A CAKE. — Description of a Holiday Vacation at the Troy Female Seminary—Girls Receiving Boxes From Home—Rollicking Suppers and Jolly Good Times—Reading, Fancy-Dress Balls and Other Features of the Season—Old Dutch Customs at New Year—Riding in the… Continue Reading →

“A Visit from St. Nicholas”

‘Twas the Day Before Christmas—remember Garden!—* publishing Moore’s poem some Burghers took part in. * (“The Garden” had long been a nickname for Lansingburgh) Rev. David Butler (1762-1842) of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Lansingburgh had a daughter Harriet Butler… Continue Reading →

“That Sleigh Ride” (1848)

THAT SLEIGH RIDE. On Wednesday afternoon of last week the sleighing was delicious, and the air just bracing enough to give the complexion of the ladies who faced it, a ruddy hue, rivaling the sunny side of a ripe peach…. Continue Reading →

“A Suffrage Meeting” (1846)

A SUFFRAGE MEETING. A large and spirited meeting was held by the coloured citizens of Lansingburgh and Troy, March 10, in the Methodist church on Pitt street. Frisby Way was called to preside, and Daniel A. Oliver was appointed Secretary…. Continue Reading →

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