Pleasantdale Association Plans Outing and Improvements.
The Pleasantdale Community Association is working on a program of amusements for an outing and field day to be held early in September, probably Labor Day, including field and aquatic events. The association, formed by the residents who spend the summer on the upper Hudson, is also working on a plan for improvements to be put into effect before the close of the present season. These will include the establishment of a modernly equipped bathing beach and the improvement of boat landings near Pleasantdale.
Troy Times. August 17, 1917: 2 col 4.


β€”The Pleasantdale Life Saving Corps has been organized for the season and a station will be established at the bathing beach. The members of the corps include M. J. B. MacDonagh, Captain; Frank O’Brien and Miss Rida Lewis.
Troy Times. June 9, 1922: 17 col 4.

Falls Into River and Drowns.

Schuyler Moon, 9, of Troy was drowned when he fell from a rock ledge into the Hudson river at thee Pleasantdale beach last week. The boy had been wading in the water and then climbed a rock ledge. He lost his footing and tumbled into the water. Unable to swim, he drowned before help arrived.
Salem Press. August 16, 1945: 2 col 3.