Samuel Bolton.

Samuel Bolton, jr., head of the firm of S. Bolton’s Sons, of Troy, N. Y , met death by falling into a kettle of boiling beer. Mr. Bolton was inspecting a portion of the brewery. He discovered a portion of the kettle that required attention and sent, an employe in search of the carpenter. During the absence of this man it is believed that Mr. Bolton slipped while looking into the vessel and fell headlong into its boiling contents.
Mr. Bolton was born in the old village of Lansingburgh, N. Y., about forty-eight years ago. His father, Samuel Bolton, came from Lancashire, Eng., in 1848 and embarked in the manufacture of beer and ale. Mr. Bolton, sen., took his sons, William, Joseph and Samuel, jr. in turn into the business and the firm became known as S. Bolton’s Sons. Upon the death of William and Joseph Bolton the firm underwent another change and the sons of Joseph Bolton entered into co-partnership with Samuel Bolton, the firm name continuing as theretofore. The business developed under the guidance of Samuel Bolton, who was the head of the concern.
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