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Troy wit (1856)

☞ A musical festival comes off in the Garden on New Year’s Eve. The Orchestra consists of two hornpipes and six canary birds. After the festival, “Lamb” will recite his Carriers address. Admittance two pistareens. The Trustees and Batestown visitors… Continue Reading →

A Handful of Coffin Nails

A gentleman at Lansingburg, N. Y. has discovered that tobacco can be so cultivated there as to be equal to the best cultivated in Cuba for segars, simply by pulling off the leaves when only partly grown. The Genius of… Continue Reading →

Popcorn, Lemon Beer, and Root Beer: Refreshments and Reproachments

If circumstances were wanted to furnish proof of the littleness of Troy, it can be found in the fact that its citizens got a law passed by the last legislature allowing them to tax the county to raise their Recorder’s… Continue Reading →

“Colored Methodist Zion Church in Lansingburgh” (1841-1869)

A History of the A. M. E. Zion Church, Lansingburgh, N. Y., from 1841 to 1868 by Rev. Jacob P. Wright (inexplicably only partially digitally scanned) will inform the reader somewhat about that church (not the same one as… Continue Reading →

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