Card from Captain Dink.
Batestown, July 8, ’68.
To the Editor of Lansingburgh Gazette:
The officers and men of my command desire me to return you thanks for the faithful accounts you have given in the Gazette, of our Excursion and dinner on the 4th.
Mr. Wier—the Delmonico of our place—says he should be glad to see you at his hotel. He has just tapped a new barrel of cider.
Next month the Guards go on a target shoot to Bald Mountain. We are now having a target board made. It will be 100 ft. by 75, and will be well peppered by the boys. 1st Prize, a peck of whortleberries; 2nd Prize, a fish pole, with the bark off; 3d Prize, a package of free tickets to all future base ball matches.
Please contradict the rumor that the Guards have resolved to head an expedition to conquer Alaska if Congress don’t buy it. We are Busters, but not Phillibusters.
Yours, gratefully, THOMAS DINK,
Head Warrior and Captain of the Guards.
Lansingburgh Gazette. July 16, 1868: 3 col 3.