In pursuance of a resolution of the Society, the Committee of the Gerrit Smith Temperance Society of the city of Hudson, hereby give notice that a

will be held in this city on the 5th of July next, for the purpose of concerting measures for more active temperance operations among the colored people in this region of country, and the Committee therefore respectfully invite the colored temperature societies of New-York, Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Lansingburg [sic], Coxsackie, Catskill, Poughkeepsie, Newburgh, Redhook, Rhinebeck and Kinderhook, also, those of Westchester and Putnam counties, and all others unknown to us, who may feel a desire to forward the good work, to join us on that day and occasion.
The Committee also invite the temperance societies of Massachusetts and Connecticut, and especially those of Pittsfield, Lenox and Stockbridge.
The ease with which our friends may be conveyed to this city by Steamboats and the Rail Road, has led the Committee of Arrangements have engaged Davis’ Hall, in which tables loaded with refreshments will be kept during the afternoon and evening.
Each Society is requested to bring their banners and badges, and music if they can. Upon landing, they will be escorted to the public square near the river, where a procession will be formed, and after marching to the head of the street, they will return to the Court House Yard, where the meeting will be organized, and addressed by distinguished speakers who have been invited to attend. In the evening we hope to have a large meeting of our friends in one of the city churches, where the ceremonies will be deeply interesting, as we expect to hear some of the most talented and distinguished advocates of temperance our country can produce.
On the 13th inst. the following Committee was appointed to take into consideration the subject of holding the Convention as above stated:—John Jackson, Henry Jackson, B. A. Story, Wm. Mower, Lloyd Tillman, Wm. Morris, John Williams and Chauncey Van Hoesen. On the 15th, this Committee met at the house of B. A. Story. John Jackson, was chosen Chairman, and C. Van Hoesen, Secretary. After a free interchange of opinion upon the subject, it was agreed to hold the Convention as above mentioned, Whereupon, the following Committe of Arrangement was appointed: Teunis Blake, Henry Jackson, John Jackson, Chauncey Van Hoesen, Randall Youngs, Joseph Pell, B. A. Story, John Williams, Michael Jackson, Francis Hogebeom, Chas. Groomer, Abijah Sands, Jacob Thomas, Alex. Macy, Wm. Morris, N. G. Freeman, Wm. Mower, Ambrose Edwards and Wm. Dakin.
☞ The temperance people in the city of Albany will assist the Committee of the Garret Smith Society of Hudson in making the above arrangements.
C. VAN HOESEN, Sec’ry.
Columbia Washingtonian. June 29, 1843: 5 cols 4-5.

On the 1840 US Census there were very few households where the heads of families were identified as “Free Colored Persons”:
• Catherine Van Vraken [i.e. Van Vranken?]
• Daniel Oliver
• Betsy Alick [i.e. Ellick?]
• John Jameson
• Andrew Grant
• Frisby Way
• John Johnson
• Peter London

The 1840 US Census only gave names of people who were heads of households. Spouses, children, boarders, servants, etc. only were tallied in columns.

Males Under 10: 12
Males 10 & under 24: 8
Males 24 & under 35: 8
Males 35 & under 55: 4
Males 55 & under 100: 2
Males 100 and upwards: —
[Total: 34]
Females Under 10: 4
Females 10 & under 24: 9
Females 24 & under 35: 9
Females 35 & under 55: 10
Females 55 & under 100: 2
Females 100 and upwards: —
[Total: 34]
[Grand Total: 68]

Possibly some of the named people in the 1843 article were from one of the households in which they were not the head, or perhaps the members of the Lansingburgh society were not members of committees or chosen as officers. Regardless, the Lansingburgh community, relatively small as it was, must have been an active one to have organized a society and to have enough attendees to warrant notice in announcements for the convention. Given Frisby Way’s leadership in later suffrage conventions, it might be reasonable to theorize he was present at the Hudson convention.