Leading Entertainers—Delight Audience at Pleasantdale.

Some of vaudeville’s leading entertainers Saturday evening held an impromptu entertainment at the stage which they recently erected at Pleasantdale for this purpose. The actors and actresses, most of whom belong to the summer artists’ colony, which has grown up at Pleasantdale, attracting many of the other campers of the vicinity, besides numerous other persons who were sailing on the river or bathing at the Pleasantdale beach. In all, a crowd of about 200 persons enjoyed the entertainment. Dacing, singing and intrumental selections were given by the [Yasaku] Kadara family, a family of Japanese, who have been camping at Pleasantdale for the last several summers. There were songs by Arthur Myers and piano and vocal solos by Green [top of digitally scanned microfilm of newspaper cropped] gave piccolo selections and Neil Gorman rendered several vocal solos. The program opened with the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” by Mrs. Joseph Flavin. Louis Gleason, President of the Pleasantdale Community Club, under whose auspices the affair was staged, made a short address. Several short acts, consisting of harmonica selections, the “comedian dolls” and whistling solos were given by John Schumacher. Mrs. John Rommel was Chairman of the committee in charge of the refreshments.
Troy Times. July 30, 1923: 3 cols 2-3.